For those not familiar, Space Raiders are an inexpensive corn snack with a truly violent pickled onion (or “beef”) flavour. They were a staple of the school vending machine throughout my education. The price rose from 10p to 15p during that time, reflecting really good value for money in exchange for violent temporary halitosis. They occupied the same impulse purchase zone as the Freddo Frog chocolate bar*. Though I saw a Freddo Frog for 85p in Jordan’s Mill café at the weekend, which represents a serious gouge among otherwise reasonably priced “fare”.

* Freddo Frog note: if Cadbury’s (never “Cadbury”) wish to hire Desmond Fishman as the new face of the Freddo, I believe a deal can be struck though it is a deal which sees the chocolatier walk back the recent loss of the the possessive suffix from their name.

[Mandela effect note, 2/8/2021: Alan’s name was amended to Les because at a future date I forgot what his name was and it was easier to go back and change this comic]