A year ago (at the time of writing, late February 2021) I got off my sickbed after nearly three weeks of the worst flu I can remember and decided that I had had enough of making comic strips about comic strips I made in 1998. I was alive and I was going to put my back into writing and drawing my ‘A’ material. It turned out to be a year where there wasn’t much else to do BUT please oneself.

I think the 2020 Steeple stories, Destroy History: NEMS (part 1) and Circus Windows have been some of my favourite comics I’ve made. To cap off this year of intense endeavour, I present a very special final 44-page event: AUTHOR UNKNOWN?

I’ve been working on this story since November 2019, it’s been through a lot of revisions to make sure it meant something even taken in isolation. It needed me to make all the comics I did over the last year to give it a bit of weight. There is something for both long-term and newer readers, to the exclusion of no-one.

I really hope that you enjoy it.