Kelly Vivanco has done the cover for the upcoming Clotted Crime part 3, but that is not all. She has also submitted some archival pictures of Tredregyn’s sole all-merman folk outfit of the 1960s, TENTANGLE.

Kelly notes that “they really did a lot for sea creature outreach. Horribly strumming their guitars in unison, damply singing their briny hymns.” It was a different era and we can only imagine exactly how it was to visit the Victoria in 1962 and see these brave boys telling stories as old as the waves to a truly receptive audience. But as we all know, folk music travelled a long way through the 1960s, and things inevitably got freaky on the Lizard Peninsula…

She adds, “they lost two of their original members when touring Cornwall in 1967. Benny never picked up a guitar again.”

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