Steeple returns on Monday with a new 2-part story, “AUTHOR UNKNOWN?”, a crossover with Charlotte Grote of BAD MACHINERY and WICKED THINGS. Patreon subscribers (at the $3 and up tiers) will be able to read part 1 in full then, or you can enjoy it at webcomic pace on the website for the next 14 weeks. Following that, I have a four-part story in the works, a third “season” if you like with a complete arc that should take us into 2022.

In related news, Dark Horse have collected last year’s two stories, The Silvery Moon and Secret Sentai, into a new book. It’s out on August 4th in comic shops (Previews code APR210425) and August 17th in bookshops – get it any way you like! It features new artwork, a few new pages, a sketchbook section, and a beautiful cover by Giant Days artist Max Sarin.