In a 100% new-for 2020 feature, enjoy the Scary Go Round Value Stamps Advent Calendar every day between now and Christmas Eve. Count down and collect with these clip-and-save stamps!

Here’s the first one:

What can you buy with your Scary Go Round Value Stamps? PRIZES! You’ll be able to trade in your stamps at branches of Rumbelows, Woolworths and Woolco across the United Kingdom (excepting the Channel Islands).


— Green stamps have a multiplier of 1.1x when redeemed at weekends.

— Collect ten red stamps to enjoy a secret multiplier bonus at participating shops. If in doubt, ask the manager.

Rumbelows Hi-Fi Club members get a 50 point bonus on production of your membership pennant.

I hope you enjoy collecting these stamps – remember, you can only redeem them up to Dec 31, 2020. Have fun!